Basic solutions to avoid the error when sorting/filtering values for non-English language data from your MySQL data source to Google Data Studio.

3 min readOct 29, 2020

Since I am a Google Data Studio user, I am responsible for preparing scripts to link between MySQL server to the Data studio reports to reload the database's input automatically.

But there were some times the users of my dashboards cannot interact, for instance, sort and filter when the variables' values are another language that’s not English. In my case, it’s Vietnamese. After sorting or filtering the variable, the output always ‘No Data’ or just completely blank.

This issue can be solved by creating procedures to manipulate and get the string output that we really need. Still, back then, I didn’t have the right to change anything in the database, including creating new tables and adjusting data. All I can do was just view and retrieving data from the database.

So in this article, I will share some of the solutions that I found very effective and easy to implement to address this issue.

  1. Use the “Extract Data” feature.

The first solution that comes to my mind to solve this type of issue is to Extract Data.

We can call this a type of data source, but I prefer calling it a feature since it just gives us a ‘capture’ of the data source we used.




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